Why Robot Vacuums Are A Smart Buy Even If You Aren't Tech Savvy

iClebo 10/08/2018 400



Think robotic appliances are only for the smartest of smart homes? Think again. Thanks to user-friendly software and durable hardware, robot vacuums are no longer limited to science fiction – or even to tech-savvy homeowners. If you want to save time cleaning without sacrificing your household comfort, a robot vacuum could be a great investment. Here’s why you should consider one… whether or not you’re a tech genius.


Programming Your Cleaning is Easy

When and where do you want your robot to vacuum? Robot vacuums like the iClebo Alpha are designed to follow pre-programmed schedules and paths, but after you “set and forget” your vacuum at its charging station, you don’t have to do any more programming. Just wait for the auto-charging function and scheduled cleaning to kick in. Your robot vacuum will actually map out each room itself, preventing itself from falling and remembering how to navigate corners and obstacles later.


Sensors Do the Heavy Lifting for You

So, how do robot vacuums “see” and “remember” where they’re supposed to go? This is possible thanks to camera vision mapping technology and sophisticated algorithms. For example, the Alpha has 15 different sensors, and they do a lot more than detect obstacles and figure out where to go next.


Robot Vacuums are Robot Mops Too


Need more than a vacuum? If you live with hardwood, tile, or other hard surfaces, vacuuming is just one part of the cleaning equation. Dry and wet mopping are also necessary to keep floors clean and smooth, especially if you have frequent spills or dust build-up. Thankfully, some robot vacuums are up to the task. After your vacuum suction goes to work, take advantage of its wet and dry mopping features to “finish the job”.
Want a cleaner home without the hassle of vacuuming – or the headache of programming a complicated piece of equipment? Invest in a smart, easy-to-use robot vacuum. Browse our lineup of iClebo robot vacuums to find the household helper that’s right for you.