Warranty Service

At Yujin Robot we stand by our warranty service 100% and assure you fast and reliable technical service. All warranty coverage begins on the Date of Purchase and all out of warranty customers will be charged for repair fees and the shipping charges associated with sending your robot to us. For further information on repair fees, contact iclebo customer service or email us at info@iclebous.com. 


Repair Services

Before initiating a repair request, contact our technical support team at support@yujinrobotinc.com to see if we can troubleshoot and resolve your issues over the phone.  If it is determined that a service repair is needed, we will direct you to use our website to request RMA. After login you are required to submit your devices serial number to verify the warranty status.  If no records indicate a warranty coverage then your device is listed as out of warrant, unless a proof of purchase is provided.  Here are steps to request a RMA.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click RMA
  3. Create a ticket form