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Vacuum cleaners come in different shapes and sizes, and they undeniably play an important role in maintaining the cleanliness of our homes. Whether they are big, old, and bulky or the smaller, lighter and agile ones, we recommend that your family have a solid and dependable cleaning machine. 


The benefits are endless. From eliminating dust, allergens, and pet hair, to saving time and energy when cleaning, vacuums are an essential home asset. But what separates a good vacuum from a bad one? What are the things we need to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner?


What part of the house needs vacuuming?


Are you going to clean the living room, bedroom or garage? How about the insides of your vehicle? Small and tight storage rooms? Different areas have different shapes and sizes that may require a different kind of vacuum cleaner. There’s a wide range of selection that you can find in stores but carefully consider the area that you’re about to clean.



Never compromise durability and quality over cheaply priced vacuum cleaners.


Some cleaning units may perform well at first but can’t hold up over time. So it’s better to spend a little more on high-quality vacuum cleaners that can last and really stand the test of time.


Do some research and look for product reviews from consumers.


Product reviews from previous consumers are great for deciding on a vacuum. Customers that have gone through the process before will either warn you or give you the thumbs up which may save you a headache later.


How Much Noise Can I Stand?


Typically larger vacuum cleaners are louder compared to smaller ones. You need to consider the noise especially if you have little kids at home or have animals that may get scared by the noise.

After you’ve weighed all the pros and cons, you should have a better idea of what will work best for your home. We are sure you’ll find something that suits your space, your lifestyle, and most especially your budget. We recommend iClebo robot vacuums as an affordable, stress-free, quiet, and reliable cleaning source. Our cleaning robots come with amazing features like scheduled cleaning, random roaming, climb mode, self-steer, max cleaning, and even wet mop. It has a remarkably low charge time and longest cleaning time of any robot vacuum in the market. iClebo cleaning robots are the perfect cleaning tool for you never knew you needed!