3 Awesome Tips & Tricks to have a Stress-Free Life

iClebo 10/08/2019 74


It’s always a daunting task for all of us to keep our homes organized, clean and tidy.


It can be tiring, time-consuming and sometimes even frustrating! It definitely affects us in many ways. This might seem simple, but it may take a lot of motivation and determination to really make a difference and achieve positive results.


Here are some tips and tricks to having a stress-free and organized life:


Remove excess clutter.

It is one of the factors that cause a lot of stress in our mental health. But by keeping things organized, it can help reduce stress and can even lower the risk of depression. Clear your workspace so you can think freely, clear your mind, and increase productivity. You’ll be surprised how clutter affects your mental state and how clearing it gives you space to think and find inner peace.


Make time to schedule and plan.

Having a to-do list will keep you organized and focused. Simple weekly menu plans not only will help you avoid stress but also to your budget. Keep it clean, healthy, and tasty every week for the whole family to enjoy! Don’t forget to keep your ingredients fresh by not stocking too much as well. That way, you are not only eating healthy but also stress-free.


Productivity is everything.

Be more efficient and productive when you clear up unwanted space and clutter., whether it is in your kitchen, dining, living room, clearing your workspace will benefit your daily work. Furthermore, focusing on simple steps such as fixing your bed in the morning, or do some simple exercises before you start your day can do wonders for you.


As we move to a more advanced and tech-based society, there are groundbreaking inventions out there that literally can make our lives much easier.


One product that used technology to save you time and effort is the iClebo 05! It vacuums and cleans your areas with a simple touch of a button and can even be controlled by your smartphone! With the Smart App Editor, the tap of a button will let you clean anywhere anytime. Compatible with Google Assistant, the iClebo 05 offers an audible voice service announcing the status condition of your robot.


These life hacks combined with the iClebo will give you more personal time and more spending time with your friends and loved ones. A healthy life is a stress-free home that’ll soon result to a happier life.