Robot Farmers - How Robots Grow the Food in the Netherlands

iClebo 09/23/2019 338


Robots are taking over some of the most dangerous and physically demanding jobs.

For example, in the Netherlands, robots are being used to grow food. Milking robots have replaced humans in one of the most physically demanding tasks of dairy farming. What’s even more impressive is that this Dutch invention has been around since the 1990s!


The milking robot is part of a wave of robotic farmers that are taking over most of the tasks in Dutch farms. Traditional tasks that were done manually by humans or human manned machines are now being completely automated with the use of modern farming robots.


Robots are even doing the harvesting, picking the fruit and vegetables the humans have for thousands of year. Over $1 billion has been spent in these robotic innovations in 2018 alone.


These developments have helped propel the Netherlands into becoming the world’s second-largest exporter of food, after the United States. What’s even more impressive is that the Netherlands consist of an area smaller than the state of West Virginia!


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Whether robots are being used in revolutionizing agriculture or in keeping homes clean and safe, we can rely on modern technology in robots to help us.