Humanoids in Space - India Is Sending Robots into Space

iClebo 09/10/2019 224



Robots will soon be conquering outer space.


The Soviet Union and the United States sent animals to space as tests during the Space Race. Almost 6 decades later, India is planning on sending another test into space but this one is slightly different. Robots humanoids will be sent as part of a new ambitious space program!


India’s space program calls for use of their space programs rockets, the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III or GSLV Mk-III. This rocket will be used for future space flight and sending humans into space, but before they actually send humans into orbit, humanoid robots will pioneer the flight to understand the effects of radiation and of weightlessness. Two test flights with the robots are planned and will evaluate the limits of the humanoids in space.


Using robots to test the conditions in outer space will push the advancement of robotic technology. Currently, the use of robots is becoming more common and the technology is being used almost everywhere. For example, household cleaning robots such as the iClebo, are being used at an ever-increasing rate!


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Whether for use in outer space or inside homes, robot technology is making leaps when it comes to advancement.