Get Ready for More Lifelike Robots

iClebo 08/28/2019 260



Robots are getting closer to becoming more lifelike.


Two recent developments are blending robots and human life together. The first development makes it possible to put computation into “soft materials”. The second describes how soft robots, robots that are made from soft materials and are more flexible and less structured, have progressed and do not need to be connected to a cable or wire.


These two developments are bridging the gap between robot development and human life.


Researchers from the Faculty of Engineering from the University of Bristol were able to demonstrate that soft robots can be made to mimic the action in organic life, such as the vascular system. This means that “soft robots” could move away from simpler actions and become more complex in their functions.


Aside from robots becoming more lifelike, the new ability would allow them to adapt to their environment on their own. The second discovery demonstrates how robots can act autonomously, without ever needing to be connected to any cables or wires. The study which appeared in Science Robotics showcased a robot known as Rollbot. This 3D-printed robot can react to heat by changing its shape. 


Rollbot does not come with wire connections, which is a feature one can find in many modern soft robots. Currently, most robots need to be connected to some sort of cable or wire to recharge. With this new discovery, the lack of wiring will allow for the creation of highly mobile soft robots that can react to its environment and even move like animals. Both of these discoveries have broken the glass ceiling of robot development and have paved new horizons for robots and the way they function.


With these two developments, you could imagine robots that actually look living organisms soon! Who knows what other exciting robotic advances will be coming in the future?