Using Robots in Agriculture

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Robot farmers?


When you think “robots”, agriculture is not the first thing that comes to mind.. There are other business sectors that are more high-tech. You can take it as a sign of just how common robotics is becoming that even farming is getting an upgrade with it. 


The Future of Farming


Robots are impacting agricultural in several ways.


First of all, robots will be used to deal with the shortage of labor in agriculture. The workforce available to the agricultural sector is declining steadily. One way to solve that problem is by developing robots that can take the place of human workers.


The robotic farmers that are being developed are quite impressive. Some can handle the work of up to 30 human workers.


Other robots are also being developed which can care for plants. The Xaver robot, for example, can be used for caring and fertilizing corn. Vision robotics is also developing a robot that can ensure that seeds have enough space between them when planted.


Robots are also seen as the best solution for the problem of weeds. The See and Spray Machines are specifically designed to counter weeds. This is an important development because weeds cause more than $40 billion in damages to crops.


Robots for Increasing Crop Yields


Perhaps the most promising agricultural robots being developed are those that are aimed at increasing crop yields. In the future, robots can move through the fields and analyze the crops, using different parameters. The information that they gather can be used by farmers to make decisions that will affect the crop yield.


Future robots can also diagnose plant diseases, so proper action can be taken immediately, preventing further losses.


The future of agriculture looks really promising with the help of robots.


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