AI Robots Are the Future of the Construction Industry

iClebo 06/25/2019 337



What comes to your mind when you hear about robotic swarms?


Is it millions of nanorobots working together? 


There is some other way that robotic swarms can be used and it can change the future of construction.


In one of the most exciting developments in the construction industry, two robots worked together to 3D print a concrete truss with a rather difficult curve. This is the solution to the problem faced in using robots for construction, which is how can a structure that is larger than a single robotic arm be built.


The two NTU robots were created at Nanyang Technical University in Singapore. The process is known as swarm printing. In the future, numerous robots can be used to 3D print and construct large structures.


Advantage of Robotic Swarms


What are the other benefits of using a robotic swarm in construction?


First of all, robotic swarms can be used to build structures that are patterned after organic and biological structures, which otherwise would be impossible to build. Robotic swarms can also be combined with games. Players would be asked to find the best structures to build using the technology and also identify the best means of doing so.


Another advantage of robotic swarms is that they can be used in harsh environments. They can be deployed in areas that have been affected by natural disasters. They can perform the construction of needed structures rapidly, without having to worry about the safety conditions, which would be the case if human workers will be used.

There is still a lot of development needed before robotic swarms can be used in practical applications. Still, this new technology looks very promising and can be very useful in the future.