Will We See Robot Teachers Soon?

iClebo 06/11/2019 165



There are all kinds of robots being made today.


Some of these robots are being used in some sectors that might surprise you.


One sector that is getting a noticeable boost in robotics is the education industry. In fact, they’re coming up with robots that can help in educating children right now.


Robot Teachers?


No, robots aren’t replacing teachers inside classrooms, at least not in the near future. What is happening though, is that some of the teacher’s tasks are being taken over by robots.


According to the McKinsey Global Institute, 40% of the current tasks being done by teachers today will be automated in the next decade. This could help the teachers in developing new skills.


Another result of this growing trend in automation is that it will allow teachers to focus more on their students.


Robots for Teaching Children


There are other ways that robots are being used in the classroom. For example, in Japan, there is talk of using English-speaking robots inside classrooms to help not just the students, but teachers too, in developing their English.


There’s also Kaspar, a humanoid robot which is the size of a child. Kaspar is used to help children with autism overcome difficulties in communication and socialization. It allows them to practice connecting with other children.


Another robot that has been developed for teaching children is the NAO Robot. This robot has been developed specifically to help toddlers learn a second language.


These are just a few ways that robots can be used to enhance teaching and education.


While some tasks connected with teaching will be taken over by robots, they will not completely replace the need for human teachers. They simply enhance the learning experiences.