Are Particle Robots the Future of Robotics?

iClebo 05/22/2019 220



There are all kinds of robots now.

Some are humanoids, others are patterned after animals, some that don’t resemble anything organic, and then there are particle robots.


What Are Particle Robots?


Researchers from MIT, Harvard, and other top universities in America are rethinking as to how robots should look. Inspired by how biological cells behave, they’ve come up with particle robots.


This technology is one step towards the development of a moving goo that is actually a robot made up of millions, if not billions of nanoparticles. Sounds really futuristic right?


The good news is that this technology is available now and is already being developed.


Practical Applications



Where can these types of robots be used?


The scientists, also known as ‘roboticists’, claim that particle robots have several practical applications. One planned use for the technology is pollution cleanup. Another being the creation of a robot that can go where others cannot venture.


Each particle is a disc-shaped unit with magnets all around it’s sides. The magnets allows them to push and pull with each other. The particles then particles contract and expand. When those contractions and expansions are timed and controlled as a single unit, they can perform complex movements.


One major advantage of the particles is that even when some particles are damaged, the remaining ones can still complete the task. The particles do not communicate with each other, which means it wouldn’t matter how many are damaged.



The future of robotics with these nanoparticles is going to be a very exciting one.