4 Tips for Multiple Level House cleaning with a Robot

iClebo 05/14/2019 981



Vacuum robots are the next stop in the evolution of home cleaning.

Although these devices are a product of the latest technology, they still have limitations. One of the biggest problems these cleaning devices face is how to clean a multi-level home.


Vacuum robots are equipped with wheels to move around, but they are currently unable to climb stairs. These devices can’t move from one level to another on its own.


If you own a vacuum robot and you have a multi-level house, then here are some tips that you can use to get the most out of it.


1.Keep the Robot Based Where It Is Needed


The easiest solution is to just move it when needed. Just keep the device on the floor that needs the most frequent cleaning and take it to other levels occasionally. Usually, the first floor requires the most amount of cleaning.


2.Do Not Interrupt a Cleaning Cycle


A robot vacuum uses sensors and other components to find its way around a room. It keeps data of the room within a cleaning cycle. So, you should not interrupt a robot in the middle of a cleaning cycle to bring it to another level as it will be unable to navigate its way.


3.A Robot for Each Level


If multiple levels in your home require constant cleaning, then it might be better to have a robot for each level. That way, you would not have to be troubled with carrying the robot around.


4.Install a Charging Station on Each Floor


When you carry your vacuum robot from one floor to another, you may have to bring the charging station as well. That can be inconvenient.


What you can do is to install a charging station on each level of your home. That way, you would not have to carry a charging station with you, whenever you take your vacuum robot to a different level.


These are just some of the things that you can follow when you want to use a vacuum robot to clean your multi-level house.