Ancient Legends of How Robots Guarded Religious Relics

iClebo 04/29/2019 248



When you think about robots, modern technology is what comes to your mind.

Robots are not something that you would normally associate with ancient history. But you might be surprised to know that robots were actually major figures in ancient legends.


Robots in Legends


The word “robot” is a recent creation, however, the idea of automatons and machines that can move on their own is not new a new concept. The ancient Greeks, for example, included the idea of self-moving machines in their mythology.


Engineers in Alexandria during the Hellenistic period were in fact, creating the equivalent of robots. Ancient records tell stories of how Chinese Emperors were actually fooled by automatons that looked like the actual things they represented and how they were served by artificial servants.


Ancient Guards of Religious Relics


Arguably, the most intriguing tale of ancient robots would be that of the guardian of Buddhist relics in ancient India. According to legend, a king called Ajatasatru was entrusted with the earthly remains of the Buddha.


King Ajatasatru was known for using inventions and weapons that were advanced for their time. It was said that he commissioned unusual guards for the Buddha’s remains. Instead of the usual statues of warriors serving as ceremonial guards, King Ajatasatru ordered robots, or what were known as bhuta vahana yanta in Sanskrit, to be made.


Based on the legend, King Ajatasatru’s robots would stay on duty until a new monarch manages to distribute the relics of the Buddha to other lands.


While these legends may not be entirely true, the idea of age-old mechanical creatures roaming around in the past is quite incredible. Similar to how present-day robot vacuums, like the ones from iClebo, that can auto-charge, avoid cliffs and objects, and can be controlled from anywhere via an app.