New Product Alert: Introducing the iClebo O5

iClebo 04/17/2019 1711


Are you looking for the latest when it comes to robot vacuum technology?

Meet the iClebo O5, the newest addition to the robot vacuum family of the leading innovator in the robotics industry.

Smart cleaning meets the latest in robotics cleaning technology with the iClebo O5, which boasts the following:

  • Works with Google Assistant
  • Smart Map Editor
  • Ultimate Cleaning Experience
  • Adjustable Suction Power
  • Flexible Cleaning Options
  • 130-Degree Deep Corner Mapping System
  • Advanced Anti-Tangle Blades


Let’s take a closer look at its main features:


Adjustable Suction Levels

The iClebo O5 has a powerful sucking action, which means it can provide thorough cleaning to your home. Its powerful BLDC motor ensures that it can effectively clean at a rate of 99%. The suction mode of this unit has three levels, with the lowest providing a quiet cleaning experience.


Easy App-Control


Using the Smart App Editor, you can view and control the cleaning pattern all in real time. It can be used any device, as long as it has the App Editor. Use the app in place of the remote control!


Real-Time Map with Block Zone


Because the iClebo O5 is WiFi enabled, you can control it to clean your home from anywhere. You can also use the Real-Time Map Editor to create off-limit areas and to maximize the efficiency of the unit.


Night Cleaning Mode


The iClebo O5 also features Night Cleaning Mode. This is a new quiet mode feature that allows the unit to run at 44.5dB. That’s a noise level appropriate enough for a library!


To activate the feature, simply set the vacuum to Level 1 using the remote control. This makes the unit ideal for cleaning overnight. Cleaning power is not sacrificed because of the new Smart Turbo feature that changes suction power depending on the condition of the surface being cleaned.


If that wasn’t enough, you no longer have to worry about remembering to charge your unit. With its smart auto charging feature, it will go back to its station when it requires charging on its own!


Get the iClebo O5 and experience the future of robot vacuum technology now.


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