3 Ways Robots are Making Our Lives Easier

iClebo 03/04/2019 277


Robots, what would we do without you?

Now this is something that you do not hear very often, if you ever hear it at all. That’s because robots are not yet making that much of an impact in our everyday lives.

Or so we thought.

The day is coming when robots are going to play a much bigger part in our lives. But little did we know that they are already making our lives easier.


Yes, right now.


Here are 3 ways that robots are making our lives easier at the moment.

1. Tending Your Garden


Robots and plants don’t seem like a perfect fit. But thanks to advances made in technology, they now are. 


An open source farming robot is capable of performing most of your gardening tasks. This robot can help you with the following:


  • Plant seeds 
  • Water plants following a schedule 
  • Monitor plant growth
  • Take out weeds


2. Educate Your Kids


Having fun while learning is given a whole new meaning with educational robots. Your child can read their favorite books through touch screens at the front of the robot.

This type of robot can also help kids with learning disabilities. The kids can learn simple subjects and social skills while interacting with the robot.


A couple of great examples of this type of robot are:

  • Anki COZMO - Anki COZMO is an AI robot that has a mind of its own and some major personality. This is a real-life robot that is straight out of the movies and the more you play and hang out with it, its personality evolves.
  • JIMU Robots - Kids aged 8 and above can engage in STEM learning with JIMU Robots’ award winning, interactive robotic building block system. The process is easy enough. Build your robot and program actions using the PRP (pose, record, play) system or with Blockly coding.


3. Clean Your Homes


Of course, robots are being used today to keep our homes clean. They are not just mere vacuums, they are much more than that.


Using the latest technology, robots are able to clean your floors and other areas of your house like never before making life easier for customers.