What to Expect from Robot Vacuums in the Future

iClebo 02/25/2019 361


Is that the Millennium Falcon or is that a...robot vacuum?.


Confused? Well, you might as well be because you just got a glimpse of the future. The future of robot vacuums, that is.


Technology is always evolving, always moving forward. That, we all know.


And we also know that things are getting better because of technological developments.


The same is true for robot vacuums as well.


Let’s look at our iClebo Robot Vacuum, for instance - the robot vacuum that took the industry by storm when it was first introduced to the public.

With the integrated “Camera Vision Mapping”, iClebo took robot vacuums to another level. And it is not just the technology used as the product looked pretty cool, too.

iClebo might have led the way, but Yujin Robot has a host of other robot vacuum products that boasts cutting edge technology.

So it only makes sense to expect that things are only going to get better for robot vacuums in the future.

As far as aesthetics, it is only fair to expect that robot vacuums in the future would be a little more alien-looking than what we have at the moment.


That could mean getting spaceship-shaped ones or some that are geometrically indefinable.


Navigation is also bound to get a major upgrade. Instead of the current models that use sensors, the robot vacuums of the near-future will use better cameras and software for more accurate mapping.

Improved WiFi connectivity is also going to better than what it is today. This is a fairly recent upgrade for robot vacuums, so you can be sure that they will find a way to top it.

The best thing about having a robot-vacuum with WiFi connectivity is getting access to it even if you are not physically present at home.

Distance is no longer a concern and you can have your home cleaned while you are still at work.


What is surer is that they would be easier on the budget. They are also almost assured of getting more functionality than what we are enjoying at the moment.

But whatever direction, shape, or form robot vacuums take in the coming years, you can be sure that Yujin Robot is right at the forefront.