Let Yujin Robot Change the Way You Think About Robots

iClebo 02/18/2019 222


Robots are far more than the heroes and villains that you see in epic space and sci-fi thrillers.


You can also find them in places such as homes making a real difference.


Yes, robots are useful for things other than space adventures. They can also be designed and programmed to help clean homes and do other things.


Just like the robots made by Yujin Robot. For more than 30 years, they have been at the forefront of the robot industry.


Yujin Robot has effectively used robotic technologies for such varied areas as cleaning and education.


To say that they are revolutionary is a real understatement. What they have been able to develop and apply in some areas is rightfully lauded as life-altering.


Case in point, Yujin Robot’s line of educational robots - iRobi. This robot uses a system that is both simple and friendly.


There are a number of educational applications and children can learn how to interact with technology.


But it goes beyond technology as the children are also able to learn about the world that they live in through the robots.


Another fine example is Kobuki. This is a low cost R & D Robot. This is recommended for companies that want to use robotics to experiment.


Kobuki is also used in schools to teach students about robotics programming as well as development without breaking the bank.


And of course, Yujin Robot is best known for the iClebo Robot Vacuum.


Now if these robots do not change the way you think about robots, we don’t know what will. They are more than just vacuums and they are certainly more than just robots!