How a Clean Floor Makes You More Productive

iClebo 02/11/2019 232



Clean your floor so you can get more work done.


You read that right. There is no typo. A clean floor can be directly linked to a more productive version of you.


Science and research can back this up. A study made by researchers from Princeton in 2011 concluded that clutter makes it more difficult to focus on a specific task.


And where can we find the most clutter? Well, the floor of course. The floor is the one area of our homes that we associate the most with clutter.


So what are you going to do about it?


You take care of the problem by keeping a clean floor. It does not end there, you need to apply that same principle to the entirety of your home.


The less clutter there is, the better your chances are of being more productive. Call it a domino effect or a chain reaction of positive action.


Clean your floor and then you are going to feel good and happy about it. You will then feel more energized and inspired to do more than just clean.


Maybe you need to fix something in another part of the house. Or maybe you need to get back to a project that you recently started but stopped short of completing.


And what should you rely on to help you clean your floor? A robot vacuum, of course!


Ready, set, clean.