Meet the iCLEBO Global Family

iClebo 01/30/2019 203


Have you ever wondered about the company behind the iCLEBO Robot Vacuum?


Yujin Robot, the organization behind these handy vacuuming friends, has a long history and diverse range of robotic services that are sure to wow any robotics buff!

Yujin Robot has paved the way for Korean service robot technology since 1988, and isn’t stopping any time soon. Since its establishment, the company has achieved several milestones in the development of robot technology.


Though the company is best known for making the iClebo robot vacuum, they have produced other products that are just as innovative. There is the Kobuki which is a research robot and the GoCart, a robot designed for transport.


The company is also at the cutting edge of research and development for smart factory solutions. They have the EMS division which oversees the research, design, and creation of automated machinery which can be used in factories.


The Yujin Research and Development Center is the leading robot research facility in Korea. The company has continued to invest in research, which has resulted in innovations such as the D-SLAM, an object recognition tech based on stereo camera, a 3D LIDAR tech, ROCON for connecting robots with other devices and controlling multiple robots.


The company, its products, and its facilities have received numerous awards and recognitions. Their cleaning robot was recognized as a ‘World’s Top Product’ for seven straight years by Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.


With Yujin Robot behind the iClebo, it’s not surprising why this vacuum is regarded as the best robot vacuum on the market!