Yujin Robot at CES 2019

iClebo 01/14/2019 319




The new year has just begun, and already we’ve had an exciting chance to show off some of our amazing robotics to the world! Yujin Robot had the chance to participate in this year’s Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the 16th year in a row.

The Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) is an annual event where companies from around the globe can introduce their exciting and innovative tech gadgets to the world. From smartphones to drones, CES has seen hundreds of interesting gadgets and technological innovations come through its doors. With six days of amazing exhibitions, panels, and programming, CES is an exciting opportunity for any business to be a part of.


This year, Yujin Robot demonstrated a few new technologies - the autonomous transport system called the ‘GoCart 120’, the groundbreaking LiDAR sensor technology, and the latest version of the iCLEBO robot vacuum, called the iCLEBO 05!


The iCLEBO 05 is the latest in a long and successful line of Yujin robot vacuums. What makes the 05 stand apart, however, is the implementation of artificial intelligence. The 05 is the first robot vacuum to incorporate this technology, and through the iCLEBO app, you’ll be able to schedule cleaning, check your cleaning progress, and assign areas to clean with real time map! That’s not all - the 05 will be able to recognize voice commands given by Alexa and Google Assistant.

While the iCLEBO 05 is not currently available for purchase, keep your eye out for updates on this new technology! We’re super excited to get this incredible technology out to the world, and can’t wait to see what the future has in store!