Robot company vs. Vacuum company: Who Makes Better Robot Vacuums?

iClebo 10/01/2018 321



Once upon a time robot vacuums came from robot companies who specialized in pioneering the exciting industry venture. Now that robot vacuums are more commonplace, vacuum companies are offering them too. You can shop for robot vacuums from a number of merchants online, in retail stores, and just about anywhere. But if you plan to invest in a robot vacuum, it makes sense to take the time researching ones with outstanding performance. And so comes the million dollar question: Do robot companies or vacuum companies make better robot vacuums?


Round 1: Vacuum Company


Naturally, more vacuum companies are coming out with affordable robot vacuums, but most of them don't make it to the Top 10 charts. Why? Well, without top-notch navigational sensors and technology, high suction power means nothing - and you're still left with a dirty floor. Most robot vacuums made by vacuum companies don't have strengths in this key quality.


Round 2: Robot Company


Robot vacuums didn't have much suction power in their infancy, but thanks to recent technological advancements by robot companies this is no longer an issue. Today, you'll find their products consistently winning awards for their mapping systems, sophisticated camera recognition, obstacle navigation, and flexible dry/wet mop ability. All of this empowers a robot vacuum to do what it does best: clean while you forget about it and spend your time doing other things.


The Verdict


Robot companies continue to reign supreme in the robot vacuums market, and iCLEBO is no exception. With one of the world's first established camera recognition systems, our award-winning robot vacuums have cleaned hundreds of homes for busy families and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take a look now at our remarkable machines to order yours today and experience the benefits yourself!