Robot Deliveries Will Be the Future of Shopping

iClebo 05/09/2019 201



Have you seen those videos of delivery personnel mishandling packages?


That kind of scenario will soon be a thing of the past. That’s because robot deliveries will soon become the norm.


Robots on the Streets


In many cities around the world today, robots are becoming common sights now. Many of those robots are currently being used for delivering items. There will come a day when these robots will become even more widely used and it will be revolutionary! With the number of deliveries set to increase dramatically in the next few years, better solutions will have to be found to keep up with the demand and setting up robots to carry out more deliveries will be inevitable.


There’s a good argument for the use of robots in delivering retail purchases. It’s known that delivery vans contribute to increased traffic, air pollution, and all things considered, they aren’t really cost-efficient at all. Using robots for deliveries can be a way to avoid traffic problems while providing a more cost-effective solution.


Consumer Appeal


There’s one more major reason why robot deliveries will become more commonplace and that is because consumers like it! Initially, people show interest in robot deliveries because of the novelty.


Though the novelty will soon wear off, consumers may very well appreciate the reliability and convenience robots can bring. Automated deliveries can even help the elderly and the disabled to shop and buy groceries for themselves. Robots that are programmed to deliver during regular intervals can supply them with basic human necessities.


GoCart Robotic Logistic Solutions

At the forefront of using robot technology for deliveries is GoCart. Their autonomous transport systems can be used in factories, hospitals, and hotels. The GoKart autonomous platform has a maximum payload of 120kg and  a maximum speed of 1m/s.


Along with the increase in online purchases showing rapid growth, it’s safe to say that robot deliveries will be the way of the future.