Your Very Own Alfred: The Coming of Robot Butlers

There’s a great deal of advancement when it comes to robotic technology in recent years and that means robotic butlers are getting closer and closer to reality.

Hyperdimensional Computing: Robots with Memories

In order for robots to become completely independent from human intervention, they need to be able to perceive the world that surrounds them and be able to navigate their surroundings.

5G and What it Means for Robotics

The advent of 5G technology, is promising a lot of developments. One of the sectors that it might change is robotics. So, what does 5G means for robotics?

AI Robots Are the Future of the Construction Industry

In one of the most exciting developments in the construction industry, two robots worked together to 3D print a concrete truss with a rather difficult curve.

New AI Tech Allows Robots to See and Learn Like Humans

One notable development was done by scientists from the University of Texas at Austin. They taught an AI how to “see” like humans.

Will We See Robot Teachers Soon?

One sector that is getting a noticeable boost in robotics is the education industry.

The Global Robotic Market in 2019

Experts predict that the robotics market will keep on expanding in the coming years.

How Robot Vacuums Find Their Way Around

How are robot vacuums able to navigate their way around a house?

Are Particle Robots the Future of Robotics?

Researchers are rethinking as to how robots should look. Inspired by how biological cells behave, they’ve come up with particle robots.

4 Tips for Multiple Level House cleaning with a Robot

One of the biggest problems these cleaning devices face is how to clean a multi-level home.

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