3 Awesome Tips & Tricks to have a Stress-Free Life

It's always a daunting task for all of us to keep our homes organized, clean, and tidy.

Robot Farmers - How Robots Grow the Food in the Netherlands

Robots are taking over some of the most dangerous and physically demanding jobs.

Humanoids in Space - India Is Sending Robots into Space

Robots are now being used to explore outer space.

Get Ready for More Lifelike Robots

Two recent developments are blending robots and human life together.

Giving Robots the Sense of Touch

A fascinating development to come out recently is the technology which gives robots a sense of touch.

Helping Robots Understand What Things Are

Some experts argue that robots will have to come to an understanding of the world that is close to the human level if they are going to be assigned to completely autonomous work.

Using Robots in Agriculture

Robots are not something that you would normally associate with ancient history. But you might be surprised to know that robots were actually major figures in ancient legends.

Robots with Imagination

One area where robot technology still needs development is artificial intelligence (AI).

Your Very Own Alfred: The Coming of Robot Butlers

There’s a great deal of advancement when it comes to robotic technology in recent years and that means robotic butlers are getting closer and closer to reality.

Hyperdimensional Computing: Robots with Memories

In order for robots to become completely independent from human intervention, they need to be able to perceive the world that surrounds them and be able to navigate their surroundings.

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