Clueless Holiday Shopper? Here’s Who Would LOVE an iCLEBO Robot Vacuum

iClebo 12/10/2018 184



Not blessed with the ability to choose great gifts? Don’t sweat it! This holiday season, one product is sure to please your favorite people. Robotic vacuums are high-tech surprises that deliver the “wow” factor you want on special holidays. And these convenient cleaning assistants are especially life-changing for recipients who struggle with too little time and too much hair, fur, dirt, and foot traffic.

Do you know anyone who would love a robotic vacuum this year? Consider an iCLEBO robotic vacuum for any of the following people on your list:


Brand New Parents


Tweens and teenagers alike are notorious for making messes, but don’t underestimate the cleaning needs of brand new parents. A robotic vacuum frees up time and energy to care for a new infant, and it gives new parents peace of mind as they deal with spills, accidents, and an influx of visitors.


Busy Pet Owners


Do you love someone with a big heart and a house full of pets... or just one two animals that shed like crazy? Hire them a hardy helper that can pick up fur and hair while they’re away without getting clogged or running into pets. The iCLEBO Omega has a cutting-edge V8 rubber blade to prevent tangles and cameras and smart sensors to map its path and detect moving obstacles.


Families Who Love to Entertain


Everyone knows a family like this: generous, fun, and always ready to welcome guests. But with more entertaining comes more germs, allergens, dirt, and spill risks. A robotic vacuum gives these super-hosts more time to spend with loved ones, and it maintains a hygienic household no matter how many adults and kids come over.

This year, give the gift of coming home to a clean house every day. Our iCLEBO robotic vacuums are smart-mapping, self-charging machines that serve multiple purposes with their sophisticated self-cleaning modes and paths. They can also be life-changing gifts for families with extra mess.


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