Don't Stress - We Have Your Holiday Cleaning Checklist

iClebo 12/03/2018 266




Inviting family and friends over for the holidays can be stressful. Making sure you have a clean and presentable home isn't always an easy task, and getting it done quickly and efficiently is a lot to do. Don't worry - for those who don't know where to start, we've put together your ultimate holiday cleaning checklist!


Start with the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathrooms. These places are where your guests will visit the most!

  • Organize and put away dishes, utensils, towels, and other items lying around. Get your spouse and/or children to help!
  • Wipe counters and tables with all-purpose disinfecting spray.
  • Dust shelves, table tops, and other surfaces. A damp rag works, as well as a feather duster!
  • Clean off the sofa; if you have pets, vacuum or use lint rollers to get pet hair off.
  • Tip: Vacuum or sweep after you've wiped your counters - that way you can clean the crumbs and the floor at the same time.
  • Utilize your iCLEBO robot vacuum for quick floor cleaning - you can set it and forget it!


Bedrooms and Basements: You never know who will wander up or down the stairs!

  • Organize desks, put away clothes and toys, and make beds.
  • Put away anything you don't want people to touch!


Lastly: Don't forget the outside! Guests will be impressed from the second they drive up to your home.

  • Clean your gutters - unless you have the proper safety precautions in mind, get a professional!
  • Sweep dirt and leaves from walkways.
  • For an extra step, power wash driveways, siding and walkways to make your house look fresh and new.

Having a clean home can make you feel like a whole new person - for reliable cleaning that doesn't stop, even when you do, get an iCLEBO robot vacuum today!