Learn About Yujin Robot (We're More Than Just Vacuums!)

iClebo 01/22/2019 267



You know about the iCLEBO Robot Vacuum, but have you heard of Yujin Robot’s other technologies? At Yujin, we're dedicated to building a variety of life-changing, revolutionary technologies that are sure to wow you. We have used our robotic technologies in areas spanning from children's toys to logistics -- and we are committed to finding new ways in which our technology can benefit you.

GoCart – Autonomous Transport System

An automated and easy-to-use delivery system, the GoCart Transport system is advanced enough to be able to traverse multiple floors, using elevators and its own navigational processing to deliver virtually anything throughout an office. When used properly, the GoCart Transport system can be used to replace other, less efficient messenger services.


iRobi – Educational Robot

A friendly, simple robot system that interacts directly with children, iRobi has a front-facing touch screen and a number of educational applications. Children can learn to interact with technology at preschools and care centers, while also learning more about the world around them. iRobi isn't just educational - it's also entertaining, giving children a toy that is exciting to use even when learning.


Kobuki – Low-Cost R&D Robot

For companies exploring what robotics can do for them, the Kobuki R&D robot platform makes it possible to experiment and explore. As an open source robot, the Kobuki can be tailored to any organization's needs. The Kobuki R&D can also be used by schools for educational purposes, as it is a cost-effective way to learn more about robotics programming and development.

These are only some of the technologies that we're exploring at Yujin Robot. We're more than just vacuums -- and there's a lot to look forward to in the future.