5 Effective Tips to Keep your Robot Vacuum in Top Shape

iClebo 02/04/2019 229




Do you own a robot vacuum? Looking to own a robot vacuum? 


While a robot vacuum isn’t designed to totally do away with all traditional methods of cleaning, at least not yet, it can save you a great deal of time and trouble by reducing the amount of cleaning you have to do to your floors.


Because they are feature-packed devices with a few important parts, it will require proper maintenance and some light effort on your part to keep it running smoothly. Here are a few tips that you can use to maintain your robot vacuum:


1. Keep It Charged

  • The best way to maximize the battery life of your robotic helper is to keep it charged. Regular usage combined with charging is good for the battery.


2. Do Not Use Non-OEM Accessories

  • Do not use accessories from other manufacturers. They may not be calibrated or designed properly and can cause damage to your device.


3. Keep It Away From Temperature Extreme

  • Your robot cleaner has sensitive electronics inside of it. Exposing it to temperature extremes can wreak havoc on those circuits.


4. Use It on a Regular Basis

  • Like other devices, your robot vacuum is going to deteriorate if not used regularly. It is just like a human body that requires regular exercise to keep it functioning properly.


5. Empty It

  • Make sure that you empty your robot vacuum regularly. Not only will that allow the device to pick up more dust, that should also help in keeping from clogging.


These are just a few useful ideas that you can rely on when it comes to maintaining your robot vacuum. 


Check out our FAQ for even more tips, answers, and best practices for your robot vacuum.